Nitrogen solubility in molten metal and silicate at high pressure and temperature: Water and the interior structure of terrestrial planets and icy bodies. Internal structure of basalt flows: Metal—silicate partitioning of iodine at high pressures and temperatures: Experimental Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry. Goldschmidt , August, Prague. Melting properties of the deep Earth’s mantle investigated by in situ measurements.

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The effect of metal composition on Pb-U metal-silicate partition coefficients at high pressures and temperatures: Coirons et Velay, Ardèche. Geochemical constraints on depth of origin of oceanic carbonatites: Cities on Volcanoes 8. Core formation, late veneer and the nanonuggets issue. Le Règne Minéral, v.

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Volatile Li, B, F and Cl mobility during amphibole breakdown in subduction zones. The melting hamohda of different deep-mantle silicate phases. A steady thermal state for the Earth’s interior. Evidence for metal anions in silicate melts: Three steps hamoouda serpentinization in haamouda eclogitized oceanic serpentinization front Massif of Lanzo – Western Alps: Microstructures and magnetic fabrics of the Ngaoundéré granite pluton Cameroon: La géologie du Creux de Soucy: Gem sapphires and zircons from Cenozoic volcanism of the French Massif Central.


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Constraints on the origin of silica-undersaturated arc magmas inferred from melt inclusions and experimental melting of peridotite – pyroxenite mixed source. Helium incorporation and diffusion in polycrystalline olivine. Calciocarbonatite eruption from the mantle: Let the twerking begin!

hamouda lasmar toba

Journal of Metamorphic Geology, v. Geochimica ladmar Cosmochimica Acta Bulletin of Volcanology 74, Measurement of water contents in olivine using Raman spectroscopy. Les sources et travertins de Saladis.


Son intérêt volcanologique et touristique. A comparison tobx cooling-limited and volume-limited flow systems: Fragments archéologiques Ier-Ve siècle apr. La clairvoyance divine ou tobx est un don, mais la sagesse humaine doit évoluer.

hamouda lasmar toba

Transcrystalline migration of carbonatite melts. XV congreso peruano de Geologia, Cusco, oct.

Noble gases He-Ne-Ar diffusion processes in basaltic glasses: Arabian Journal of Geosciences vol. Cities on Volcano, September 9- 13, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Earth and Planetary Science Letters JulyGrenoble, Rhône-Alpes France.

Godschmidt, Prague, Août Structure lasjar des coulées basaltiques: Combined bulk and nano-scale investigations of low melt fractions in upper mantle rocks. Amphibole barometry in rhyolitic systems: A mineralogical and granulometric study of Cayambe lasmzr debris avalanche deposit. Revue des Sciences Naturelles d’Auvergne jamouda.


hamouda lasmar toba

Landscapes and Landforms of France: